Why Own

Invest in your RV / Park Model Lifestyle!  Ensure a secure place for your future!  Why Rent When You Can Own?

Did you know that Alberta has more RV’s per capita than anywhere else in North America?

Did you know that there are 5 RV’s for every available lot in Alberta

Why not have more control over your fate by owning instead of seasonal renting?

  • You have direct say in the property....you own it
  • Nobody can raise your rent
  • The property can’t be sold out from underneath you for alternative land uses.
  • You get the assurance that you have an RV / Park Model space no matter what happens.
  • You could earn income by renting out your lot when you are not there.
  • You have the opportunity of appreciation in the RV lot value (although we can’t promise this) as the RV lot market is being driven long term by the demand for economical vacation homes
  • The snowbirds retiring from their large homes to two RV’s / Park Models, one close to their original home and one in a warmer climate
  • Baby boomers embracing the RV lifestyle and scarcity of prime RV lots.

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