Cassie O'Connor


Dorchester Ranch RV & Golf Resort partners would like to welcome Miss Cassie O'Connor to the Team as our Western Rodeo Representative.


August 9th 2013

Well the 2013 APCCA racing year is coming to a close real soon and currently Cassie is sitting in first place as she races all weekend in Vegriville around 5pm each day. Once again this power house of a young lady has impressed her competitors and thrilled her racing fans. We wish her the best as she races her way to another excellent finish!

May 01, 2013

The 2013 racing season is upon us and Cassie and her team are in the best condition ever, so make sure you get out to her events and cheer her on. We are proud to have Miss O'Connor representing Dorchester Ranch RV & Golf Resort at all her races.

Best of luck Cassie....we are rooting for you!!!!!


2012 Racing Season:

Yee Haw! Congratulations to Cassie on her FIRST PLACE finish in the  APCCA standings.  Cassie’s ability to get peak performances out of her team is simply amazing.  This summer was no walk in the park as she battled an injured back all season and was litterally carried off of her rig after some races. Her shear determination and mind over matter attitude gave her the drive she needed to pull off her best year in her racing career!
We at Dorchester Ranch RV and Golf Resort say thank you to you, your family and your team for being our ambassador this year. Having been present at your race in Buck Lake we know you gave Dorchester RV great mileage as the announcers were so impressed with your timing score. You blew the competition off the track.
We wish you a speedy recovery from your back injury and great success in next years racing season. We look forward to watching your career progress.

2011 Racing Season:

Congratulations to Cassie on her excellent over all performance this year in the APCCA standings. After a difficult wet rainy season Cassie was able to finish the season with a 4th place finish. This is her best season ever having beat 105 other competitors. Hats off to you Cassie and your team. It was our pleasure to have sponsored you as our spokesperson at so many rodeo events through out Alberta this 2011 season. We look forward to watching you grow in your sport.

Cassie is well known in the Chariot Racing circle and is a long time resident of Westerose Alberta. She will be at various Rodeo events throughout the area distributing our flyers and referring individuals to the development.

We have attached her racing itinerary for your reference and hope you will be able to see her race the Dorchester Ranch chariot. Cassie welcomes everyone to come to the horse stable area at the races to see her personally and meet her powerful team.

The Dorchester Ranch RV & Golf Resort partners wish Cassie great success on her summer tour!


Cassie O'Connor is a 3rd generation driver in the Alberta Professional Chuckwagon and Chariot Association (APCCA). She easily caught the bug for racing as she has traveled the circuit with her family since the year she was born.

At age 15 she began racing chariots, winning the Rookie Driver award for the Central Club in 2005 and First Place for overall points for the Central Club in 2007. Cassie is currently completing her degree at the University of Alberta, Augustana campus.

Her studies have taken her on some exciting adventures as far away as New York and Cuba. She enjoys working with her horses and traveling.


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